Fireflies and Bats

by faira

Faira - Best Listener I wasn’t sure I made the right choice Leaving you felt so wrong And we tried the best we could Life always goes on Nothing here seems possible enough To get over what we had Noone knows the weirdness of your love Better than the one who wrote this song I’m not trying to forget anything I’m rather trying remembering That I’d already missed you Before you were gone Who’s ever sure to make a right choice Even when just ordering When the appetite is lost Life still goes on When I decided to see you as a bear curled up in its’ winter sleep Me the bird forgot to flap its’ wings In the cold noone keeps a mystery alive Like you when you’re just saying hi When you bow out you wish us all a good life As though you’re ready for a last goodbye I want to call you the riddle of my life But knowing there’s no solving I try to at least be near you enough to receive any puzzle you’d like to propose and by being your best listener I’m keeping you close
Warm Feet 02:07
Faira - Warm Feet Warm Feet knee deep in liquid fire I take my brand new connection to the outer world hold it to my ear and hear nothing Oh, I haven't learned enough to not be sorry for all of the feelings I have had And my thoughts are worthy enough to be spoken meaningless enough to stay untold Warm Feet knee deep in liquid fire
Hautensilien 03:08
Faira - Hautensilien Lediglichterminologisiert Papierlichtrockennst du mich? Magst and der Wandenwanderungenau mich Sehennen weinen um die weißen Unberührten Im Enthaltsamkeiterblasentimental Angenehmeinebensächlichkeiterminologischt auf der Haut Gischt Gischt Gischt Gestrandetwasserbedeckt die Haut Die Haut Die Haut Die Hautensilientdeckt entdeckt entdeckt Die Wogenzlichterlohgischt auf der Haut Der Herbst du mütterlich Schmerz? Der Windirekt erschwert Erschwert Erschwert Essche istorch Heutempel viel zu vielleicht Eine Freundinsel neulenweiß Geschriebendlichter macht mit Macht mit Macht mit Macht mit Die Machtsamkeitransparent Er rennt Er rennt Ein Bogenzlichterlohblied auf dein Haupt
Faira - Fireflies and Bats What a year to die What a year to die, my friend Have you gotten the call I never gave you? When you wake at night To your baby’s cry, my friend Do you feel indifferent to the world outside? What a year to die What if all I try to mend Will break in the end What a thought to depend on I won’t wear your shirt I won’T wear your shirt tonight I’m wearing Gina’s It doesn’t make me sad I stopped thinking today I thought it might help I stopped shaving when I was nineteen Now eight years have passed And three lovers have left But my friends have stayed and my body hair has And will I survive Will I then survive this year Like my sisters and my brothers have (Just a little less depressed) Have you ever been any other age than twenty-seven? „Since a child“ you say „Ever since a child“ you say And will it always stay the same for you Do you smell those nights Dark and damp beneath our feet Barely seeing ourselves or the other (Fireflies and Bats) I do smell those nights Everytime I pass a park Or any other place we’ve once set foot in When I age another year When I turn twenty-eight Brother, please tell me It will stop hurting and be okay Cause I guess I won’t die I guess I won’t die before Can’t say I’m scared anymore I love you so much
Faira - Obviously Enough Obviously enough you try to sell wisdom and you don't even blush I'd like to meet your grandmother. Did you learn from her mistakes? I first believed you were wise and that fate had brought me here to bring me your advise But after three days I know you're not. You might see things we don't but there's something else you've got I don't even think you're as close to your heart as you show. But aren't we all just looking for a way to seem tall?
Faira - Age Old Mourning I got up this morning With more than hope in my chest No more age old mourning I won’t forget it But I see through it now I’ve always been miserable enough to write I’ve been I love with hopelessness half of my life I took its’ hand when I was fourteen And didn’t let go off My heart grew smaller, weaker with each year I saw a grey horizon A dried out land coming near Lovingly I placed my head on the ground Stared towards the nothing I had found Mistook it for comfort cause it didn’t dare me, because it didn’t scare me I fixed my gaze And I’m learning so much now from the trees From the pain in my back, from the warm spring breeze And what might feel like loosing the part of yourself you chose to be your form But what makes you? Who are you?
The Falcon 04:25
Faira - The Falcon The falcon came and took away The rest of the family No escape and no mercy No mercedes benz incrompehensable stuttering Irreversible change Saliva as the last part of them That mights still stay the same Cameron you giant curse Did you come straight from hell? And what else did you create Than regression in perfection And how far must you have been from any life within? How old were you when you began to stop acting humane? It was green, dark green And red, blood red Your worked clean, so clean They are dead, dead You the teacher of torture Your words are spread so wide And falcons sang your song’s encore Until the world seemed white and blank enough for a rebirth Blank enough for a rebirth The most painful and bloody one The world has ever seen But sadly Not the last of its kind Cameron, did you forget To play them enough tapes? Teaching them to be good housewives, husbands, citizens? You the teacher of torture Your words are spread so wide And falcons sang your song’s encore Until the world seemed white and blank enough for a rebirth Blank enough for a rebirth
In a Room 02:23
Faira - In a Room Mom said I’d lost all the good men And secretly I agree In secrecy I keep my loved one now Far from their judgement is he He’s not what you would call social Talkative he may be Friendly, polite ans well-behaved Respectfully impersonal My father as any father In his generation dosen’t know how to connect with his feeling So doesn’t my love And in the love I am seeking in his I’m secretly craving my father’s I’m throwing the petals I’m finding Into his black sleeping pond No sign remains No circle is drawn By the petals I’m lovingly throwing I know he’s not wishing for petals He’s not wishing for much To be left alone in a wooden room Not to be called or be touched I’m keeping my love for him in a room
Faira - My Grandmother’s Teeth Have you ever had a longer talk with your grandma than this? Have you ever noticed the loss of memory closer than this? I’d say her brain still functions well - she jokes about her death Her smile hasn’t grown too tired yet, she talks well about her teeth Her daughter came back to her after fifty-five years Asking for the reason why she had disappeared No-one will ever know why her arms were never open wide I never liked her as a kid, I never liked her. And my mother told me I shouldn’t even feel that That I should love her no matter Have you ever had a better talk with your mother than this? The words we share couldn’t fill a book, still she understands me She’s having dreams of us kids since before we were born And in her dreams now we’re still children - each of us a different age Sometimes I’d like to go back to my mother’s womb Let me go home
Stiffen Up 04:11
Faira - Stiffen Up Stiffen up! Why aren’t you scared? Open your ears, cover mouth and eyes Hold your breath before you come near Check before you leave if the air is clear Shame on you, Ignorant fool! Seeking truth in an endless pool Of news articles, interviews Quiet now, I try to read! Don’t leave the house Don’t think too loud Paralyzed by the length of the night A shelter she provides Morning breaks, come what may Mirror, please show me nothing today Loosen up. Lose your fear. Silence your thoughts Open your eyes and breathe What you see is so far from me Luckily very far from me


My third album "Fireflies and Bats (Or a Predictable Series of Waltzes)“ came about in January 2021 and was recorded in three days in the attic of my kitchen. With just one microphone and a guitar I was able to catch a pure and intimate sound, that shows the songs in their rawness and fragility, just as if they were written up there.

The album mostly deals with personal topics: separation, the sudden death wish of a 27 year old, the relationship between granddaughter and grandmother, daughter, mother and father, and the turn towards spirituality but also the despair about political developments.

As before with „The Talk“ in 2020, I will self-release this album without any label and will go without Spotify (except for the single) and share my music on the independent alternatives Bandcamp and SoundCloud, platforms that have a fair payment system and allow a closer relationship between artists and listeners.


released May 14, 2021

Mastering by David Georgos
Photography by Marisol Valqui Julis


all rights reserved



faira Germany

Faira is the folk-experimental project of singer, songwriter and guitarist Sophia Spies (DE). Through her understanding of songwriting, she creates a powerful imagery that finds its expression through classical and playful arrangements on the guitar and very unconventional song structures. Faira’s music is a balancing act between impelled somberness and careful glee. ... more

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